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Drive Your Sales with Gourmet Lunch Catering at Your Dealership in winnipeg

At Next Stop Cafe, we recognize the unique challenges and opportunities present in the bustling environment of car dealerships. Our mission is to elevate the customer and staff experience through our exceptional lunch catering services, specifically tailored for the high-energy and diverse needs of a dealership setting.

Why Next Stop Cafe is the Perfect Choice for Winnipeg Dealership Catering

Specially Crafted Menus for Dynamic Teams

Our talented chefs excel in creating diverse and appealing menus that cater to various tastes. This ensures that your team remains energized and your clients are thoroughly impressed with the culinary experience.

Effortless and Elegant Service

We pride ourselves on our punctuality, exceptional presentation, and utmost professionalism. This guarantees a seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what you do best - serving your customers and boosting your sales.

Make an Impression That Lasts

In the competitive realm of car sales, the quality of food and service you offer can play a pivotal role in shaping your customer relationships and enhancing your brand image.

Our Signature Offerings:

  • Wrap Platters Ideal for meetings and easy consumption, our wrap platters are both convenient and delectable, making them a perfect fit for busy dealership environments.

  • Gourmet Burgers Elevate your lunchtime experience with our assortment of gourmet burgers, guaranteed to be a hit among both staff and clients.

  • Persian Kebabs Introduce a touch of exotic flavor with our authentic Persian kebabs, offering a unique and memorable culinary experience.

  • Best Milkshakes Complement your meal offerings with our rich, creamy milkshakes - a delightful treat that is sure to please everyone.

Exclusive Catering Packages for Car Dealerships:

We are thrilled to offer exclusive catering packages to car dealerships in Winnipeg. These premium services are available at special rates, ensuring that your dealership becomes a notable destination in the community.

Testimonials from Our Happy Clients:

Hear from some of the top dealerships in the city and discover why they choose Next Stop Cafe for their catering needs.

BMW - Red Cross Canada

Book Your Winnipeg dealership catering Today!

Elevate your dealership events with our exquisite catering options. For more information and to discuss how we can tailor our services to meet your unique needs, please Schedule your order

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New-Sour chicken kebab from north of Iran 

When you visit our website, you'll find a warm and welcoming design that reflects the comfortable atmosphere of our restaurant. We've included information about our menu, including our famous kebab and breakfast items, as well as our best milkshake options. You'll also find details about our restaurant's environment and ambiance, with photos and descriptions that bring our space to life.

Have you experienced our sensational kebabs yet?

Treat yourself to a delicious and authentic kebab experience


"Enjoy your Canada Day celebration with all the joy and pride this great nation has to offer!"

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